Commission A Body Cast

Commissioning means getting a body cast made for yourself. They make the most wonderful sculptures for the home or garden and brilliant presents for birthdays, weddings, Valentines etc. Casts are also lovely memories of of our lost loved ones. Commissioning a cast isn't expensive and payment may be made in 2 or 3 installments via cash or card or direct debit. Click here for prices.

I've been making lifecasts of people for over twenty years including many household names such as Jackie Chan, Katie Price, Peter Andre, Dan Cruikshank, Phil Tuffnel, Trinny and Susannah, Roberto Duran, the Royal Family of Liechtenstein and many more. There are many different materials to choose from to suit any situation and any budget. Everyone can now afford a sculpture of themselves or their loved ones.

Body casting lends itself perfectly to portrait sculpture. Commissioned work covers every conceivable avenue. In fact any part of the body can be reproduced this way. Much in demand are my sensual casts of boobs, bums and backs and I strive to chose just the right pose to show you at your best. It's very exciting to have a nude of yourself in the home or garden and no one has to know it is you, unless you want them to...

Lifecast sculptures can be made to suit any situation, indoors or out. You may visit my studio or I can take some types of mould at your own home. You may have a particular area of your body in mind or a particular pose or we can come up with something together which works best for you. You can be cast naked or semi-clothed or in a corset or sexy undies etc so the options are unlimited. It is a very collaborative process and I would encourage you to bring a partner or friend along to share the experience.

Your body cast can be framed, wall-mounted, free standing or set on a plinth. The process can also be used as a tool to sculpt pieces smaller or larger than life sized. I work closely with the country's best 3d scanners and printers to scale your sculpture up or down. If you want a miniature of your lover in bronze or a giant pair of your boobs in resin, then I'm your man...

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Frequently Asked Questions about Commissions

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