8 Square inches

8 square inch casts are priced so everyone can afford to have a sculpture made of themselves. You can have any part* of you body cast in plaster for only �£150. The most popular areas to cast are boob and bum cleavage and midriff. The perfect, unique present for yourself or your lover. They don't have to be nude either, they can be done in sexy undies or a bra if you prefer. The casts can hang on the wall or be mounted on a base.

*Any part except faces and naughty bits, which are more complicated. Prices for those are on the portrait and naughty pages...

Other materials are available and prices depend on which you chose and the finish. As a guide:

  • 8" sq. in plaster:
  • 8" sq. in resin:
  • 8" sq in undies or bra in resin:
  • 8" sq. in cold cast bronze:

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