Baby & Belly Casts

Mum and baby casts refer to pregnancy bumps and to casts of your baby's little bottom. For baby hands and feet casts see the hands and feet page.

Casts of pregnant tummies are a memento of that unique time. They can be just the bump or the whole front torso. You can even have your hands included, cradling or resting on your bump. You can wear a bra to be cast in so your modesty is preserved. It only takes about 20 minutes to make the mould and is completely safe and non toxic.

Baby bottoms are just so cute and mum's are crazy for this new service. The results are just so awwww. What better way to embarrass them when they are older?

You can get bumps or bottoms done in anything from plaster to bronze. Having hands or breasts included does up the price a little. Click on the images for an idea of materials and specific prices.

Price guide:

  • Pregnant tummy in plaster:
  • Pregnant tummy in resin:
  • Pregnant tummy in cold cast bronze:
  • Baby bottom in plaster:
  • Baby bottom in cold cast bronze:

Click on the images for more prices