Full body casts

Full bodies refer to casts of whole or nearly whole 3D bodies in the round. These casts are used for statues, full body portraits, water features, architectural features, art installations, exhibitions and in the TV and film industry. They make the most fantastic sculptures for your home or your garden. There is no process more suited to making a perfect replica sculpture of you or you partner. You can even be cast together!

Our process is fast and usually only requires one visit to the studio. You can be cast naked or clothed, depending on the desired result. We can also miniaturise or enlarge your cast to make smaller pieces suitable for the house or monumental works on a grand scale. Anything is possible...

Prices depend entirely on the exact brief. The size of the body, the pose, material, finish etc are all critical in calculating an estimate. As a guide:

  • One-off full bodies in one colour fibreglass, ready to be clothed (only the hands and the head are detailed) begin from:

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Commercial Lifecasting

I provide lifecasting services for film, TV, exhibitions and other commercial uses. Working at my studio or yours, I have a team of highly skilled people to assist on larger jobs. I provide a full service from start to finish including finding suitable models. It is also possible to hire existing casts as props and set dressing