Hands & feet casts

Hand and feet casts are a great way to capture a time in our lives or a tender moment or an activity we love. Whether it be as babies or children or at a special time as adults. You can be cast using your hands or feet in a way which represents your profession or performing your favourite leisure activity. You could be holding a cricket ball or wearing your ballet shoes for instance. I can create the piece using the actual ball you were holding, or cast the whole piece in anything from plaster to bronze.

Adults holding hands make great wedding or anniversary presents. Parents holding their child's hand or your children holding each other's hands are really sweet mementos. The cast can be reproduced several times as well, since they make great presents and keepsakes for other members of the family. The range of materials and finishes available is huge, from plaster to bronze or glass.

Prices will vary a little depending on the size of the cast and the exact pose and material. Let me know your ideas and I can work out an estimate for you. As a guide:

  • Newborn baby hands or feet cast in plaster:
    £65 each
  • £120 a pair
    Cast in resin:
    £120 each £190 a pair
    Cast in cold-cast bronze:
    £190 each £290 a pair
    Cast in glass:
    £250 each £390 a pair
  • Kids hands or feet cast in plaster:
    £130 each
  • Adult hand cast in plaster:
  • Adult hand cast in resin:
  • Adult hand cast in cold-cast bronze:
  • Two adult hand in a clasp in cold-cast bronze:
  • Mounted on a travertine marble base - £30

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cast of foot in ballet shoe in bronze Baby's hand and foot in gold in a gold frame plaster cast of Phil Tufnell holding a real cricket ball Bronze cast of two hands on a mahogony base Gold cast of a childs foot in a gold frame plaster cast of mother and child hand plaster cast of Dora Bryan holding her husband Bill's hand plaster cast of Michael Watson's right fist