Portrait casts

Portraits refer to faces, heads and busts. They can be just front on or in profile or a complete 3D head. Free-standing or wall-hanging, these lifecasts are so much better than a photo at capturing how we look. The process reproduces the face exactly as it is with incredible detail and without the errors innate in other artistic interpretations. Unlike traditional portraiture, which requires many sittings, I only need you for around an hour.

Once the mould is taken, your portrait can be cast in just about any material. Plaster is perfect for fast and inexpensive face casts. It can be painted any colour or to resemble a metal finish. Resin is the best compromise between low cost and strength and cold cast metals are a fraction of the cost of foundry castings. Foundry casts can be ordered in bronze, aluminium, iron and glass. The cast can also be sculpted to produce any style of finish from the soft surface of white marble to the rough surface of stylised sculpting. My method is much faster, much cheaper and easier for the model and much more accurate than traditional sculpture.

Prices depend on the material used and the finish. As a guide:

  • Face masks (hairline to chin) in plaster/resin:
  • Faces (past the ears, down to the neck, or in profile) in resin:
  • Portrait faces (with eyes sculpted open, hair sculpted on etc) in resin/cold cast bronze:
  • Portrait heads ((with eyes sculpted open, hair sculpted on etc to the collar, in full 3D) in resin/cold cast bronze:
  • Portrait busts (to the shoulders, in full 3D) in resin/cold cast bronze:
  • Death masks (from just the face in rest to full 3D resculpts as alive) in resin/cold cast bronze or foundry bronze or glass
    priced individually

Other materials such as cast glass and foundry bronzes are available.

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