Specials refer to those casts, which don't easily fit into the other categories. Any part of the body can be made into a l lifecast sculpture from hands and feet to backs, bums or smaller, intimate areas like single boobs. Other such casts may use unusual poses or angles, or they could be couples together or anything from your imagination. You may want something specific to fit with your existing decor. It's all possible. They can be free standing, wall-mounted, framed or on a plinth.

I'm happy to collaborate with you on any ideas you may have. It is a fun and exciting challenge for me so tell me your ideas and lets have a chat about it. Remember the range of materials and finishes available is huge, from plaster to bronze or glass. They can be painted to resemble anything or to blend into a wall. The casts can also be incorporated into larger sculptures, assemblages or installations. There are really no limits to what can be done...

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