Professional Body Casting Materials

After years of using all kinds of body casting materials and techniques we are proud to present our own range of professional materials.

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced caster, our supplies are perfect for your needs. These are the best quality materials available as tried and tested by us.

For making a basic body cast you need 3 things: Alginate and plaster bandage to make the mould and plaster to make the cast. You'll also need buckets, gloves and a supply of clean water. It's that simple!


Alginate 500g £13.00

Plaster Bandage Roll £3.00

Plaster Bandage 6 Pack £15.00

Fine White Plaster 1K £5.00

Fine White Plaster 5K £15.00

Please contact us for P&P to your location or visit our shop in Brighton's South Lanes shopping area.

Payment may be made by card over the phone, cash, cheque or BACS. We are working on introducing a shopping cart system soon...

cards taken

NB These are professional body casting materials designed with adult users in mind. Our supplies are not suitable for use by children without close adult supervision.