Examples and Prices

We produce sculptures in a wide range of materials and finishes. Each has it's own unique look and properties. The most widely used are listed below. Visit these galleries for examples and guide prices.

1. Plaster gives a classic look and is the least expensive but it's not the strongest of materials.
2. Resin gives you many options re colour and surface finish but we often just paint it to resemble plaster. It is polyester resin and glass fibre, which is what boats are made from. It is lightweight and strong, providing the best compromise between strength, durability and price.
3. Cold cast metals resemble foundry castings but at about a third of the cost. It is resin with powdered metal inside, which is polished to expose the metal. Options are Bronze, brass, copper, aluminium and iron. These can also then be aged with chemicals to look old.
4. Marble resin is similar to cold casting and gives a sparkling white finish like a carved marble sculpture. Other stone powders can also be used.
5. Foundry bronze is the classic sculptural material, cast using the lost wax process. These the beautiful, high value artworks. They are heavy with a rich lustre and can be patinated with chemicals in numerous colours or classic black.
6. Lead crystal glass and gold or silver plate are options on smaller pieces. Like bronze theyse are top of the range materials, producing highly sought after and attractive artworks.

If you have other ideas then by all means ask!


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