Breast Cancer

Donate Your Breasts: I am currently working with a large PR firm to raise money for a breast cancer foundation in Italy. I am seeking models to make breast casts from. The casts, once put together like my famous Great Wall of Vagina will be auctioned at a high profile event in March 2018. Monies raised will pay for reconstruction surgeries for women who have lost their breasts to cancer.

UK/US women celebrities: The focus of the above event will be individual sculptures, based on body cast torsos of celebrity women. I will be creating highly individual works of art in many materials from marble to bronze, glass, ceramic and fibreglass using these casts as a starting point. They will range from realistic to abstract and will be auctioned at a gala event in Milan to raise as much money as we can. Please contact me to discuss how it works and how you can help a woman get her breasts back.

My Experience: Over the years I have had many women come to me (including close friends) to be cast who have breast cancer. Some wanted me to cast them after operations to remove a lump and to include the scar as a mark of their survival. Others, more poignantly perhaps, wanted me to cast their breasts before having mastectomies or other surgeries.

Each cast has been an emotional experience for me and for my clients. I decided get involved in supporting the fight against breast cancer by supporting smaller charities and local initiatives.

Breast Cancer UK: The BCUK approach is to focus on prevention rather than cure. I raise money for them through the sale of specially made posters and a percentage of sale of my Bra Spangled Banner photography series of national flags made from images of breasts in coloured bras (for which I also need models still!!

The Burlesque Against Breast Cancer Ball: was an event that featured performances from top international burlesque and variety artists. They raised money for Macmillan Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Support. I contributed a breast casting session to be auctioned for the first BABC ball in November 2008 in Hove.