We are always in need of people (both men and women) to model for my gallery work and client commissions. This includes body casting and also experimental photography. You may wish to model for both or either. We tend to need slim, fit people with good bodies but everybody has something to offer so don't be shy. At the moment We're looking for the following types of people:

1. Super fit men and women with toned or athletic figures

2. Women who are slim and/or have great boobs or a great bum etc!

3. Women who have beautiful or interesting medium to long hair

4. Men and women with substantial tattoos

5. Women for the vagina castings. Jamie is famous for his The Great Wall of Vagina sculpture. On that website on the "Opportunities" page there is lots of information about the vagina panels he is creating now, including MONDCIVITANO, the women of the world project.

6. Anybody with unusual or freakish body parts (large, small, differently shaped etc)

7. People with deformities or large scars etc through birth, disability, disease or trauma (this is for a large scale project looking at how society deals with these issues)

Most people do it because they are intrigued by the process, believe in what I'm doing or just want to be a sculpture!

If you've been told you have a great figure, or are supremely fit, or well developed, or muscular, or a body builder or have an amazing bum or great boobs or if you have any really unusual features, then we would be very interested in hearing from you. Most modeling requires you to be naked or semi-naked (over 18s only) but sometimes clothed models are required or it can be done in underwear- so don't be shy!

The best way to start is to send me some photos so we can get a first idea of how you look. If you don't have any photos or can't email them easily, don't worry, just get in touch and we can arrange for you to come and visit us at the studio. It's always good fun and a great opportunity to learn about the process.

For more info get in touch via the Contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modelling