D.I.Y. Vagina Casting Kit

Now you can create your own copy of The Great Wall of Vagina!!!

Or slightly less ambitiously create a cast of you or your partner's nethers in exactly the same way at the Great Wall was made.

It's fast and fun, uses skin safe materials, and might just bring out the hidden Michelangelo in you!

Inside the kit are exactly the same materials which were used to create the Great Wall and a step-by-step instruction sheet. It's all packaged in a bucket to do your mixing in. There is enough material included to make 2 casts (or one cast and one mistake!)

Included in the kit are:
1 bag of alginate moulding compound
2 bags of fine white casting plaster
1 mixing cup
1 roll of plaster bandage
1 brush
2 pairs of disposable nitrile gloves
1 pot of Nivea
1 instruction sheet



You can collect from the studio during opening hours. We don't currently accept online orders but we take telephone orders for delivery in the UK

(Delivery total £69) inc £14 P&P

Payment may be made by card over the phone, cash or BACS. We are working on introducing a shopping cart system soon...

cards taken

For outside the UK please contact us for P&P to your location.

Adults only. This product is not for sale to or to be used by children.


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