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Babies Bottoms

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Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom

Baby bottoms can either be just the cheeks or a longer cast including some chubby back and thighs.

They’re a beautiful way to celebrate and remember them when they were so tiny. We advise bringing them in to be cast as near to newborn as possible. One reason is becasue they are at their tinyest and also because they are very placid and easy to cast. Once they become a little wriggler it gets more complicated!

If they are a few months old then it’s best to time the casting for after a feed when they’re zonked out. We use safe and trusted materials that won’t harm your baby. For reassurance see the How We Do It page

We’d also never attempt anything that will distress a child so if yours is easily stressed or angered this may not be for them.

These casts are best presented standing on a special base, or mounted on the wall or in a frame. It depends largely on what material you choose as some are more fragile than others. The full list of materials and their relative merits are explained on the What We Do page.

Price Guide

Prices start from around £200 for newborns up to around 6 months. Older babies and great big bruisers will be a little more. The price will vary based on your chosen material and finish etc. You may wish to chose the same material as your pregnancy bump cast if you had one done too.

Click on the images for individual prices. A full price list of everything in all materials suitable for these casts can be found on the Pricing page.