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Short and Long Bottoms

Short Bottoms are from around the sacral or ‘Venus’ dimples, over the buttocks and down to the upper thigh. Long Bottoms extend up the lower back and down the thigh more. Something in between we refer to as a medium bottom and we split the difference on the price.

Bottom casts may also include one or more hands (yours or someone else’s or both!). You may also choose to include your undies if you prefer to be more discrete. They will be ruined in the process and there is an extra charge as they are fiendishly fiddly to work around. The can look really cool though.

Price Guide

Tap each line to show that area of the body

Short £1,300 £2,200 £5,400
Long £1,800 £2,900 £7,200
       Plus hand £500 £800 £1,200
       Plus undies £500 £900 £1,200

These casts can be wall hanging, free standing or on a post or special base. The pose can be straight up and down or bending right over, legs together or apart or something in between. For most people the more you bend over the more stretched the buttocks become but the more your genitals will be exposed so be warned!

It’s worth considering where you’ll be displaying it and maybe having a look at various poses in the mirror or have your partner photograph you so you get a good idea of your best aspect.

These are often commissioned as intimate gifts for partners for more private display so if you like the look (or they do) – go for it! Bent over casts would generally be priced as an extended short bottom.

They can be cast in many different materials. The full list and their relative merits are explained in the Materials Galleries. We also provide models for any casts you have in mind but would prefer not to feature in yourself.

See the Shop page to see our limited edition casts for sale.