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Long Torsos

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Long Torsos and Half Bodies

These casts cover the front body area extending from neck to thigh or thereabouts. Half Bodies are essentially Long Torsos which also include the face and arms.

Torsos can be wall hanging, free standing or on a post or special base. They make striking features for your home or business and are suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

They can be cast in many different materials. The full list and their relative merits are explained on the What We Do page.

We also provide models for any casts you have in mind but would prefer not to feature in yourself.

See the Shop page to see our limited edition casts for sale.

Price Guide

resin resin
Long £1,700 £2,500 £10,200
       Plus face £250 £300 £1,500
       Plus arms £350 £600 £3,400
       Plus legs £900 £1500 £5,800