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A Few Mounting & Display Options

To see more and discover the full range of casts we do in every material visit the Examples page.

Bases, Boxes, Frames, Mounts & Covers

There are many ways to present your cast, although in most cases they are wall hanging. This is because the majority are just one side (ie the back or front) of the body so they are better off hung against the wall. Wall hanging fixtures are included in the price. They may also be mounted on a base and likewise displayed against a wall so the concave reverse of the sculpture isn’t seen.

Sculptures which are ‘in the round’ (ie have the back and front body) are suitable for display where you can see all around them and thus are generally in need of some sort of base or mount. The most obvious are hands, feet, portraits and full bodies although some other pieces like spirals are also thus treated. In addition sculptures of just one side may be displayed in this way if we do extra work to finish the back, either by polishing it up or filling it in flat.

Bases may be a flat slab, or a combination of slabs or a raised plinth or box (to give the piece more height and thus authority). Boxes may be solid or more generally hollow and constructed from slabs. Other options may include mounting on posts on a slab or other base.

Covers are sometimes desired, particularly for smaller items to protect them from dust and handling. Some covers are created to keep the sculpture private when the in-laws or kids are over!

Materials Options

Bases mounts and covers can be made from just about any material so this list is by no means definitive:

For Bases we generally use wood (usually oak, a rustic plank or a tree trunk section) or stone (usually marble, travertine, slate or sandstone), plastic (clear or coloured acrylic or fibreglass) and occasionally metal (stainless steel or bronze).

Mounting posts tend to be copper, bronze or stainless steel or sometimes mannequin bases for larger pieces. They may also be metal brackets or wires for suspended pieces.

Covers are usually clear or frosted acrylic, sometimes glass boxes or domes and occasionally more decorative or repurposed items.


All bases are priced according to size and complexity. As they are all bespoke items, particular to your piece, we ask that you give us some direction on what you were thinking and we can price up some suitable options for you.