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A Few Glass Examples

To see more and discover the full range of casts we do in every material visit the Examples page.

Lead Crystal Glass

These high quality lead crystal glass pieces are cast from our moulds at an art glass foundry. The advantage of leaded glass is that it refracts light more brilliantly because lead changes the molecular structure of the glass. Leaded glass also stays malleable for longer periods of time when heated, giving it an advantage for artisans to work with.

They are created in a similar fashion to bronze castings, using the lost wax process. Molten glass fills the void left in a mould after a wax copy of the sculpture has been melted out. This then cools over many days in the kiln to produce water clear casts, which can be acid polished to produce contrasting frosted and clear areas. Suitable for small to medium sized casts.

As well as clear glass you may also choose from the range of pretty colours below…

Colour Guide