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Miniatures & Enlargements

Not everyone has space at home for life size statues so we do anything from just features to full bodies. But if a full or partial body statue you want but you don’t have the space, a miniature is the perfect solution.

Reducing and enlarging sculptures used to be a laborious and difficult process. The result would depend on the skill of the sculptor and, like all traditional sculpture, may have only turned out as a simulacrum rather than a faithful representation of the person.

Nowadays things are different. With the advent of laser scanning, 3D printing and CNC technologies, reductions and enlargements of sculptures have become much more viable and considerably more accurate. It’s also now considerably cheaper!

We can take a laser scan directly from you or take our laser scanning data from a cast of you (such as  where you want a life size and miniature of you).

This data can be used to digitally reduce or enlarge your cast and is then output to various different machines to produce an intermediary version of your sculpture at absolutely any scale. This piece is then worked on by our sculptors to refine and reinstate any lost details. Finally, it will be used as the basis for creating your finished piece.

Hence we can produce copies of you or any part of you at any scale and in any material. We could make your breasts into monumental marble sculptures for your garden or your entire body as a tiny bronze keyring for your pocket. We could cast your bottom in silver as a fine pair of cufflinks or earrings. The are no limits beyond what you can imagine.

The full list and their relative merits are explained in the Materials Galleries.

We can also provide a model if you have an idea for a sculpture but would prefer not to feature yourself!

Price Guide

All changes in scale are by their nature a very individual undertaking so pricing is on a per item basis. Smaller casts generally are cheaper. However the amount of work to create a miniature can far exceed that of a life size piece. The saving in material may not outweigh the increase in labour. Enlargements however you can always guarantee will be more expensive. It’s all comes down to size and the chosen material.

As a very rough guide, a sculpture up to about 1/2 scale will cost roughly the same as a full-size original if it is to be a detailed and faithful representation. Then they get progressively cheaper.

When we are making tiny copies like key rings from an existing piece or straight from the body then it can be very inexpensive. As there is minimal detail, most of the work is done on the computer and the material cost of small pieces is minimal (excepting precious metals).

For a quote just email us with your ideas. The more exact your description is the more accurate we can be but if you’re not really sure, just be vague and we’ll do our best 🙂