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Body Casting

We’re always stealing body parts to make our figurative sculptures and needing bodies to experiment on with our new casting ideas. So if you’re happy to be moved into different positions and stared at and drawn on as we look for new ways to cast people and new poses/parts/cut lines etc then that would be marvellous! Jamie may make some casts as well when he finds the poses and parts he’s seeking or the sessions may result in some great ideas for larger pieces that would require another visit. Most modelling is just for fun, ie unpaid…

… but we do occasionally need paid models for portrait sculptures and for full body sculptures.

If you are interested in participating in any of the above and would like more information do email to ask about getting involved. Ideally email us some front, rear and side nudes but whatever you have is fine. It helps us to think about what sort of pieces we can use you for.

For more modelling opportunities visit Jamie’s personal artist’s website.

Genital Casting

Jamie is famous for his sociopolitical artworks and in particular those intended to alleviate genital anxiety. Four hundred women participated by having their vulvas cast for the now world famous sculpture, The Great Wall of Vagina, an iconic piece of feminist art, intended to change the lives of women forever. Jamie is now making more artworks using people’s genitals; from vagina walls to penis flags it’s all go! You can see all of his Genital Artworks on his personal artist website. Literally anyone can participate so don’t be shy. You just need to be shaved or closely trimmed down there or it’s impossible to make a good casting with hair getting in the way. The next vagina wall needs 240 casts so please come and get involved and spread the word too. Come with your girlfriends and make a party of it. Jamie is also looking for some specific people too – see the full list on his personal artist’s website. Most of these pieces have a strong sociopolitical or educational purpose so you’ll not only help him make more great artworks, you’ll be changing the world too. What’s not to like? All the casts are made in the same way, using a moulding compound called alginate. It’s the same stuff dentists use inside the mouth to mould teeth. No plaster goes anywhere near your delicate parts. So it’s perfectly safe, fast and fun. Get brave, bring a mate and come on down. What better start to a trip to the seaside? 🙂

Sculptures Made Directly From the Body

When your business is body casting, everything begins with a model so we need YOU – we need a lot of you. Some of Jamie’s artworks require the collaboration of literally hundreds of strangers to turn up and lend themselves to his work. People get involved because they believe in what Jamie is doing with his work or they are are curious about our  processes or sometimes just for shits n giggles.

For certain one-off pieces, for which we need a specific look, we do offer paid modelling work. However because we often need hundreds of people for many of the pieces it generally has to be voluntary. We simply couldn’t pay out for the help on pieces that may take several years to finish and in many cases won’t even be for sale. We really do honour all the very lovely people who just want to do it coz they do… Please check left for the the current projects I need models for. Please do email or phone me to ask about getting involved. If you are professional model looking for work please send images or a link to your online portfolio.