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Dogs, Cats & Horses etc

Karma having a paw cast

Pet casts refer to paws and hooves of our beloved beasts. We haven’t cast other areas and I’m not saying we wouldn’t but fur and fidgeting are not our friends!

You can have a single paw, a pair or all four. They can be just the pads in relief or a full 3D casting. They may also be reverse cast as impressions, like a paw print in wet cement! We can cast them on their own or held or resting in your hand. Whatever you or they prefer, we’ll give it a go.

Fur isn’t a problem in areas where it can be smoothed flat with Nivea and hence released easily from the moulding material. We use safe and trusted materials that won’t harm your pet. For reassurance see the How We Do It page and also check out famous pet portrait painter Sara Abbott casting her Chihuahua, Karma, with us here!

They’re a beautiful way to celebrate and remember the love we have for our life companions. Our pets mean as much as our children, we know that. Just don’t tell our children!

Very sadly we often make these casts as memorial pieces, holding the paw of a sick or dying furry friend. We even make paw casts of deceased pets if it happens all too suddenly. This work is carried out respectfully and with great care at our studio, your home or at the vet. They are inevitably hugely emotional for everyone and we seek to ensure it is as easy, calm and peaceful for you and your pet and our staff as possible. See our memorial page for more information.

These casts can be presented free standing so you can handle them or on a special base. or in a frame or a presentation box. It depends largely on what material you choose as some are more fragile than others.

They can also be cast life size or miniaturised in precious metals as pendants and other jewellery. The full list of materials and their relative merits are explained on the What We Do page.

NB: Any animal that can be reasoned and negotiated with we’re up for casting so come on and surprise us. Our only stipulation is they have to be complicit or at least not bothered by the process. We’re animal lovers so we’d never attempt anything that might distress them and we also take our staff safety seriously. So if your pet is easily stressed or angered this may not be for them.

Price Guide

Prices start from around £120 for a small dog’s paw pads in resin. The price will vary based on the size of the animal, the type and size of the cast and your chosen material and finish etc. (medium and large breeds cost around 1/5 and 1/3 more respectively).

Click on the images for individual prices. A price list of everything in all materials suitable for these casts can be found on the Pricing page.

NB: for sculptures sold within the UK, 20% sales tax (VAT) will apply. Outside the UK there is no sales tax added.