Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Description: Male nude full body

Material: Painted polyurethane rubber

Commission Price: £POA

(ex VAT)

Don’t fall off your chair, but that’s Jamie! This is how it all began, making battlefield corpses for the film Troy when he was a special effects technician in the movie business to subsidise his fine art career. This was his first introduction to large scale body casting and it was a real baptism of fire. Fortunately he was in good hands. The film industry only employs the best so he had the beast teachers and learned fast, making his occasional errors on company time, not his own. Casting full bodies is very difficult and potentially hazardous to the model if you don’t know what you’re doing. Trust me, they do not teach you this at art school!

What really got Jamie interested though was ending up being the model himself. One of the many models to be cast turned up and he was muscly but tiny. He was no warrior.

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So they looked around the room and Jamie was the only one without a beer gut so they offered him his regular pay as well as the model fee if he’d do it. Curious to experience what it was like he agreed.

The was probably the most significant decision in his career. Having that experience of what it is like to be cast has made him so much more qualified and helped him understand exactly what his models are going through. With that knowledge he has devised many new techniques, all aimed to speed up the process and minimise discomfort for the model.

He also got to sculpt onto his body cast a six pack and a big willy, or that’s how he tells the story anyway! Next time you watch Troy, see if you can spot the artist as a corpse. Damien Hirst, eat your heart out!

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