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Cast of a horse's hoof on a marble base

Description: Horse hoof

Material: Aluminium resin with black wax on black granite base
(for alternative materials click here)


Horse hoof casts are a lovely way to honour a special animal. Generally we would need to visit you but we can also do them in a horse box on our forecourt. Our prices include our call out charge within a 75 mile radius of Brighton. If you come to us we’ll take that off the bill. We can however visit you anywhere in the UK or around the world.

Naturally we prefer to work with living animals but we can attend when a horse must sadly be euthanased and create a cast post mortem.

We can create your piece in any of the many materials we use as well as adding a bespoke base if required. They can also go beyond just an ornament and be used to contain ashes or a lock of mane etc.