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Title: Skin Deep

Material: Bronze on a marble base

Size cm: 35w x 65h x 35d   (including base)
  inches: 14w x 26h x 14d

Edition: 9

Price: £8900
(ex VAT)

A nude female torso sculpture in bronze. The spiralling peal around the surface of her body reveals her inside contours as well. We’ve used the natural curves and features on her body to direct the lines of the spiral, concentrating on just the torso from the groin to the breast. She has a beautiful figure and as the title suggests her beauty goes beyond the skin.

The piece is influenced by the Surrealists Escher, Dali who also explored this meme. Usually the inside of a bronze casting isn’t visible and is just a rough, unfinished texture. As it is visible here the inside of each one is worked by hand to a high level of finish, making each one unique. The darker patina inside enhances the contrast.