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Faces, Heads & Busts

Portraits refer to faces, heads and busts. They can be front on or in profile or a complete 3D head or something in between. Free-standing or wall-hanging, these lifecasts are so much more representative than a photo at capturing a person’s image and very special and prestigious artwork to have in your home. The process reproduces the face exactly as it is with incredible detail and without the errors innate in other artistic interpretations. Unlike traditional portraiture, which requires many sittings, I only need you for around an hour. Of course our job is to make you look your best so changes are made to represent you as you would wish to be remembered.

Price Guide

resin resin
Profile Faces £500 £800 £3,100
Face Masks £400 £700 £3,100
Faces £450 £700 £2,800
Portrait Faces £1,900 £2,500 £4,600
3/4 Portraits £2,500 £3,500 £7,900
Portrait Heads £3,000 £4,500 £9,900
Portrait Busts £4,000 £6,000 £12,900

Once the mould is taken, your portrait can be cast in your choice of many different materials. You can see the full list and discover their relative merits on the What We Do page. The cast can also be sculpted to produce any style of finish from the soft surface of white marble to the rough surface of stylised sculpting. Our method is much faster, cheaper and easier for the model and much more faithful than traditional sculpture.