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Where We Do It

United Kingdom

1.  At Our Main Brighton Studio

Our main, purpose built studio is in Brighton, UK (see the Contact Page for directions) on England’s beautiful, sunny south coast just an hour away from London. It’s a gorgeous waterside location with free parking right outside. The casting area, where your mould will be taken, is a separate room next to the main workshop, offering complete privacy. Most moulds leave very little residue on the body but there is a shower available for use after larger, messier processes, such as full body or head casts.

2.  At Your Location in the UK

We are able to visit you to make the mould at your home or business virtually anywhere. UK based visits can be easily arranged, often at short notice. Overseas trips require more planning but anywhere we can travel and bring our materials we’re willing to go (see below). ‘On location’ studios may be in rented spaces for larger projects or in homes and businesses for smaller scale pieces. At these temporary studios we can usually offer the whole range of castings, dependent on space and the size of the team we bring. These trips will be priced accordingly and naturally elevate the costs of your casting but if it’s more convenient we’re happy to travel to you. In cases where a serious illness or a recent death require a fast response we will do our very best to drop everything and expedite our travel plans.

North America

3.  At Our Florida Studio

We work from a temporary studio in Fort Lauderdale on Florida’s beautiful, sunny east coast just an hour north of Miami. We regularly visit a couple of times a year, around April and November. We can also travel at any other times to suit you (with a bit of notice and at additional cost) if you would like something done sooner. At this studio we offer almost the same range of castings as in the UK. Only complicated casts such as full bodies, for which we need a larger team, are best done at the UK studio, although I can bring my entire team over at additional cost. We take moulds, drawings and reference photos here and then create the sculpture at our UK workshop.

4.  At Your Location in the USA and Canada

If you are unable to visit us in Florida then we can come to you. We have set up temporary studios in homes/garages, businesses, boats, commercial properties and hotel rooms all over the North America. (Additional travel, accommodation and subsistence costs do apply, as you would expect.)

Other Countries

5.  At Temporary Studios Anywhere Else!

We have set up temporary studios in many places around the world, including England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ibiza, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Kuwait, Morocco. India, Pakistan, USA and Canada. So wherever you are in the world, if you can’t make it to our main UK studio, we’re happy to come to you and add to the growing list of places. In fact Jamie is currently working on two projects that require collaboration from a person in every country in the world. See the Collaborate page on his personal artist’s website for more information…