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Baby Hands & Feet

You can have a single hand or single foot or one of each or two hands or two feet or all four! We do a lot of these casts for obvious reasons. They’re so cute and they make super gifts for new parents. Ask about our gift vouchers!

Price Guide

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resin resin
1 Hand or Foot £300 £500 £1,000 £1,000 £800
2 Hands or Feet £500 £800 £1,900  £1,900 £1,600
Hand & Foot £500 £800 £1,900 £1,900 £1,600
2 Hands & 2 Feet £800 £1400 £3,500 £3,500 £2,900

They’re a beautiful way to celebrate and remember them when they were so tiny. We advise bringing them in to be cast as near to newborn as possible. One reason is because they are at their tiniest and also because they are very placid and easy to cast. Once they become a little wriggler it gets more complicated!

If they are a few months old then it’s best to time the casting for after a feed when they’re zonked out. We use safe and trusted materials that won’t harm your baby. For reassurance see the How We Do It page

We’d also never attempt anything that will distress a child so if yours is easily stressed or angered this may not be for them.

These casts can be free presented standing so you can handle them or on a special base or in a frame. It depends largely on what material you choose as some are more fragile than others. The full list and their relative merits are explained in the Materials Galleries.