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How it Works

Commissioning a sculpture is an exciting collaboration between us. You tell us your vision for what you would like and we will create it using our unique methods and style. It could be something tiny and delicate or a huge installation piece. You can be the subject of the portrait yourself or we also provide a model search service to get the right person to fit the concept.

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It is an intimate and engaging process whereby you get the artwork you want, at the size you want, in the material you want, created specially for the location you have in mind. Whether it’s just a vague idea or a fully realised sculpture we can work together to achieve it. You are welcome to be fully involved, from start to finish or just get us to create it, deliver it and then install it if needed. If appropriate to the job we can visit you at your home, wherever that may be, to discuss the work in relation to the space you have in mind for it and to take the necessary measurements etc. We can work at our UK or USA studios or at your place, if suitable, or a combination of locations. We ship our sculptures all over the world, using an excellent art packer and shipper who we have worked with for many years.

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As well as taking life casts as the basis for our sculptures we also use many different sculpture disciplines. We work in a wide range of materials from bronze and marble to aluminium and glass to fibreglass and plaster to found objects etc. or a combination of all of them! Our sculptures may be free standing or wall hanging and can be designed for indoor or outdoor display. They’re largely pretty accurate figurative casts but can be designed to be more abstract if that’s your taste

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So if you have seen something in the examples portfolio that has inspired you and you’d like something similar that’s great. If you have an idea of your own and you’re looking for an artist to fulfil that vision then lets have a chat. I can talk you through the benefits of the different materials and their suitability for different settings. The sculpture can be of you or of a model. They can be made at one of our studios, at your home or at any suitable location. The initial moulding process can take anything from half an hour or so to several hours depending on the size and complexity of the piece. We generally work life size but there are options for larger or smaller scale works using our laser scanning and 3d print techniques. Whatever your budget, we’ll be able to guide you through the options and come up with a solution which will be perfect for you. We very much look forward to hearing your ideas, however conservative or whacky. Email or phone us now for a no commitment chat and lets see what we can create together… 🙂 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the casting?
As the body casting artist, Jamie will usually take all the body moulds himself. He also has several assistants, both male and female, who help as necessary.

What do you use?
We use a material called alginate to make the moulds, which is the same as dentists use to make moulds inside the mouth, only without the ghastly taste! It is a seaweed based powder that when mixed with water sets into a rubber in a few minutes.

How does it work?
We carefully but quickly apply the moulding materials to your body as a gooey liquid, before it sets into a rubber. Over that we apply a layer of plaster bandage. When this has hardened we remove the whole mould and make the cast from inside it.

How long does it take?
It takes between fifteen and thirty minutes for an average casting.

Does the plaster pull out any hair?
Not usually. We don’t use plaster directly on the body and we also use a release agent to stop that happening as much as possible. If you are very hairy it would be better to use clippers to make it as short as possible.

Does it hurt?
Not at all. Most people describe it as an unusual or interesting sensation, bordering on pleasant!

Is it safe?
Alginate is designed to be used inside the mouth and is thus completely skin safe. Nobody has every reported a reaction to use and we use a barrier cream on the skin first anyway.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, you will need and appointment. Just phone or email the office and speak to Jamie (Lead Artist), Andrew (Workshop Manager), or Emily (Studio Manager). Let us know using as much detail as possible what you are interested in and when you’d like to come in. If there is something on the site which is close to what you’d like by all means include a link in your email.

I have an idea for a cast but I don’t see anything like it on your website.
Only a fraction of the things we’ve done are currently on this site. There are also many examples here in the studio and many photos of specific casts we can show you. If you have something specific or even just a vague idea in mind do feel free to run it by us, however unusual. We can cast pretty much anything you want, and in fact encourage our clients to get creative and involved in the artistic process as much as they would like to. Bring it on!

How do I pay?
Payment can be made by card, bank transfer or cash. We take £100 booking deposit in advance and then the balance of half the total when you come for the casting. The remaining balance we take on completion of your finished cast.

Can I bring my partner?
Of course. You can bring anyone along you like.

What should I wear?
Wear loose-fitting clothes appropriate for a workshop. Depending on what you’re having cast nit may be better if you don’t wear a bra or knickers or anything with elastic on your way over, as they can leave marks in the skin which our process will pick up.

How long does it take to get a finished sculpture?
That depends on how busy we are and what you’re having done. Most things take between four and eight weeks at the moment. Foundry cast bronze, marble or glass casts may take a few months. If you have an urgent deadline or have just left it very late we can often accommodate you if we have capacity so do feel free to ask.

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