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Who We Are

The World’s Leading Body Casting Studio

First founded in London in 1996, we moved the business to Brighton ten years later to set up the UK’s first and only high street body casting studio. We have rapidly become the premiere body casting service here and around the world. Having won several awards we are recognised as highly skilled artisans, producing work of the absolutely highest possible quality. We are a full service sculpture business with over 20 years experience. Working directly with the public we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and make the whole experience fun and enjoyable. Our client list includes numerous celebrities, royals and several other fine artists, such as Damien Hirst, who rely on our expertise to meet their exacting standards.

We’ll guide you on a fascinating journey through the whole process from first concept to the moulding experience and on to the completed artwork (and installation if required) keeping you informed and updated throughout. You may be involved as much as you like or just wait for your artwork to arrive.


Casting Metals and Carving Stone

Jamie works closely with our highly skilled bronze, iron and aluminium art founders and talented glass artists to produce perfect cast copies of our original sculptures. He will work on the wax casts before they get produced in the final material, using the lost wax process. He then oversees the patination process to achieve the perfect colours on the sculpture’s surface.

We have recently joined forces with a brilliant studio in Italy who will copy your original cast in fine marble, producing absolutely exquisite sculptures. We have also teamed with local stone yards here and in the USA who produce bespoke sculpture bases for us.

Professional Awards & Associations

Meet The Team

Jamie (lead sculptor/creative director)

Since graduating with a BA honours in 1991, Jamie has forged a successful fine art career (via the world of movie SFX where he learned body casting). His world renowned sculptures and photography have brought him notoriety and he is a frequent face on TV and in the media. He oversees all the body casting work carried out by a close band of highly skilled assistants.

“Like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst… the world will be talking about Jamie McCartney for a long time to come” – Art of England

The Team (many hands make light work)

Our team of highly talented sculptors, mould makers and painters help us get the job done quickly and to the highest standards. We also revel in our role of mentoring and nurturing young talents many of whom have gone on to great things after training with us.

The Tuktuk (and team!)

For local deliveries etc we use our 25cc pickup truck. Look our for her running around town. She’s also our Pride float – always the smallest in the parade but the cutest.

Tabby the Trabi

Our 1991 East German Trabant is the the most impractical sculptor’s vehicle in the world but we love her! Very much part of team Brighton Body Casting.