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How it Works

Purchasing a sculpture is an exciting way to grow your art collection and potentially make a great investment in an artwork by Jamie, who is gaining an considerable international reputation. It is a pretty straightforward process as well. Browse through the Sculptures for Sale and when you find what you like you can just enquire by email or phone giving us the delivery country and address and we’ll calculate the total price showing the packing and shipping separately. If you are local or want to arrange your own transport that’s also perfect. If you have any questions about an artwork, such as sizing or its appropriateness for a particular setting, please feel to ask.

We are often able to make a no obligation visit to your home or office to help you choose a piece. We can offer ideas about what would look good where and whether a commissioned piece may be more appropriate instead etc. Jamie and the team can also be involved in hanging or installing artworks, should you require. Payment can be taken in one go or in instalments and can be made via credit or debit card, direct bank transfer or in cash. Shipping can be paid directly to our agents rather than going through us and is generally more efficient anyway.

Glossary of Terms

Limited Edition
This means the artwork will only be reproduced the stated number of times and then will be discontinued. The edition number will be clearly marked like this: 1/10, which shows this is the first of a total edition of ten. The purpose of limiting an edition is to keep the artwork rare. It can often increase in value once the edition runs out. Since they are no longer available from the artist a secondary market develops and the value of the piece in then set by market forces.

A popular item may increase in value many times. In fact the price I charge for the artwork will often increase as the limited editions sells. Therefore the first in the edition may cost considerably less than the last one.

Open Edition
Means the number of copies of the sculpture that may be made is not limited. This is usually reserved for smaller pieces in cheaper materials. As an open edition the price can be much lower, bringing the opportunity to own that work to many more people.

If an artwork is described as unique it means is a one-off that the artist has made and which will never be reproduced the same again. These pieces will often be the most sought after by collectors in years to come as there will only ever be one of them.

Artist’s Proof 
The artist may make test pieces or one or two copies of a piece, which he may keep for himself. Artist’s Proofs are not included in the limited edition. They may be even more valuable in the future and are highly sought after by some collectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my sculpture?
That depends on whether the piece is in stock or if we have to create it specially for your order. If in stock it may only take a week or two anywhere in the world. Otherwise it could be anything from a few weeks to a few months depending on the size and material and the delivery location. We will let you know when you give you your total quotation.

Can you make any changes to them to suit my location?
Most artworks can be adapted to suit. Changes may be minor such as a different base or being wall handing instead of free standing or they may be major like being in a different material or even a different size! All changes will be priced accordingly.

How do you send them?
We have used the same art shipper and packer for many years who we trust absolutely.

How do I pay?
Prices are in UK pounds and payment can be made in pounds by credit or debit card, bank transfer or cash. You may choose to pay in instalments but we will be unable to ship until it has been paid for in total according to an agreed payment schedule.

What about insurance?
All artworks will be fully insured to their replacement value whilst in transit to you.

What if it arrives and I don’t like it?
It’s never happened!! But we have a policy to protect you from making a mistake which also protects us. You would need to return the sculpture to us in the original packing via a professional art shipper at your expense. On arrival we will inspect the piece for damage. If it can go straight back into stock we will refund you 90% of the purchase price (but not for shipping). 10% we retain as a re-stocking fee to cover our costs. If the item cannot go back into stock due to damage we will make an assessment of the cost of repair and inform you. If you are unhappy with our assessment you may employ a professional assessor to inspect the artwork at our premises. Disagreements will be decided in the UK under British law and you will be protected by normal statutory rights.

I have an idea for a sculpture but I don’t see exactly it on your website.
If you have something specific or even just a vague idea in mind do feel free to run it by us, however unusual. We can create pretty much anything you want, and in fact encourage our clients to get creative and involved in the artistic process as much as they would like to. Bring it on! See the Commissioning page for more information.