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Feet casts are fairly self explanatory! The question is how many hands and what positions and whether in shoes or not. Generally they would be single or a pair but we have done a whole family’s feet before as a wall piece in their boot room with a map of everywhere they have trudged! They may also be commissioned as gifts to loved ones who might use their feet is sport or other activity or also as sports trophies.

For baby hands and feet specifically please see the baby casting page.

These casts can be presented free standing so you can handle them or on a special base, or in a frame or other mounting. It depends largely on what material you choose as some are more fragile than others. The full list of materials and their relative merits are explained on the What We Do page.

Price Guide

Prices start from around £300 for one adult foot and vary depending on the extent of the cast, the pose, the material, finish etc and to some extent the size of the person. Children’s casts for instance are priced lower to account for their size. Giants may be similarly scrutinised.

Click on the images for individual prices. A full price list of everything in all materials suitable for these casts can be found on the Pricing page.