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Framed & Sectional Casts

Framed casts refer to pieces that are designed to fit into specially made frames. The cut of the cast may relate to the frame edge, be entirely organic or be a combination of both.

Sectional casts are similar to framed ones in that the cut lines are geometric and generally fall within the boundaries of the body. Hence they have flat sides to the cast rather than just the roundness of the sides of the body. They may be presented framed or left unframed as a block.

Frames may be made from wood, aluminum, bronze or acrylic depending on the application. They protect the cast and are a more conventional treatment for wall hanging artworks, which may better suit your decor.

Sectional casts work well for smaller areas such as favourite parts of the body or thinner slivers down or across the body.

Both these types of cast may be wall hanging or free standing. Sectional casts may also be mounted on a base.

They can be cast in many different materials. The full list and their relative merits are explained on the What We Do page.

We also provide models for any casts you have in mind but would prefer not to feature in yourself.

See the Shop page to see our limited edition casts for sale.

Price Guide

These casts are priced individually depending on the size, the extent and complexity of the cast, the pose, material, finish etc.

Click on the images for individual prices. To estimate a price for something you have in mind take a look through the full price list of everthing we do in all the materials we do, which can be found on the Pricing page.

You can also email us with your ideas for an estimate. The more exact your description is the more accurate we can be but if you’re not really sure, just be vague and we’ll do our best 🙂