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A Few Carved Marble Examples

To see more and discover the full range of casts we do in every material visit the Examples page.

Hand Carved Stone & Marble

Marble is the classic statuary material of antiquity. It’s rarity, ease of carving complex shapes and translucent lustre made it a favourite of the aristocracy. Keeping with tradition, any of our casts may be reproduced in hand-carved marble. These pieces are created for us by highly skilled stone artisans that we have teamed up with in Carrara in Italy and here in the UK. Carrara is where the mountains of white marble of classic statuary has been quarried and carved for thousands of years.

We send them the original fibreglass cast and their artisans copy it exactly using traditional stone carving methods which haven’t changed since the Romans were carving stone. There is a choice of white or grey-white marble with various vein patterns unique to every block. Other stone can also be used by special request. These high end artworks are suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Other Stones

Any stone can be worked in this way so you are not limited to marble pieces. If you have another stone in mind just let us know and we’ll work to find a suitable block.


Stone is one of the earliest ever materials for creating permanent effigies of the human and animal forms.