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8 Square Inches of Anything

Parts refer to smaller casts of you or your partner’s body that you know and love, such as but not limited to your scars, birthmarks, deformities, abs, pecs, single breasts, knees, bum and breast cleavage and bum dimples or even tattoos! Yes tattoos are often noticeably or imperceptibly raised and our process can capture them as a 3d panel of your body art – amazing! You can see a larger example here.

We base these casts very loosely on an 8” (20cm) square of virtually any part of the body. We haven’t however included naughty bits in this category in order to spare any blushes. For those please visit the dedicated Genitals page.

You may wish to get a cast as a gift for a partner who loves a particular little part of you or for your own amusement. Your body is a work of art – celebrate it!

These casts can be wall hanging or free standing, on a special base or in a frame or presentation box. NB – They are just the front surface and do not have sides on them. For examples of parts that do have sides see the Framed or Genitals pages.

We can also provide parts models if you have an idea for something bonkers but would prefer not to feature yourself!

Price Guide

Prices start from £300 for 8” square in resin and vary depending on what we cast, the size, the material and finish etc. Many of these casts are very individual so pricing is on a per item basis.

Click on the images for individual prices. A full price list of everything in all materials suitable for these casts can be found on the Pricing page. This can give you at least a rough idea of what something you have in mind may cost.

You can also emails us with your ideas for an estimate. The more exact your description is the more accurate we can be but if you’re not really sure, just be vague and we’ll do our best 🙂

NB: for sculptures sold within the UK, 20% sales tax (VAT) will apply.