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Adult Hand & Handclasp Casting Kit

Create a cast of your own hands!

It’s fast (only 3 mins to set!) and uses safe and trusted, professional materials, designed for use on the skin.

These kits have exactly the same contents the we use at the studio to create casts for our clients as well as step-by-step photos and instructions. Everything you will need is in there and it’s all packaged in the bucket you’ll do the casting in. You’ll just need a larger bucket to do the mixing.

There is enough material included to make one casts of a hand or two hands together. As we charge up to £300 to do this in the studio it’s a cheap way of achieving something similar and having some fun in the process.

These are a joyous experience to do at home with your friends or family. They make brilliant wedding and engagement presents as well. We also often sell to couples where one is ill and they want a lasting cast of their love to treasure after they’ve gone.

Contents of kit:
3 bags of alginate moulding compound
2 bag of fine white casting plaster
2 pairs of disposable nitrile gloves
1 pot of Nivea
1 instruction sheet

Literally just add water!!

Price: £75
(Free postage to the UK mainland)