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Adult Vagina Casting Kit

Create your own copy of Jamie McCartney’s iconic sculpture: The Great Wall of Vagina!!!

Or slightly less ambitiously create a cast of your nether regions in exactly the same way as all four hundred vulva casts.

It’s fast and fun (only 3 mins to set!) and uses safe and trusted, professional materials, designed for use on the skin. No harm will come to your delicate parts 🙂

WARNING: It might just bring out your hidden Michelangelo though!

Inside the kit are exactly the same materials we use at the studio to create these casts for our clients as well as step-by-step photos and instructions. Everything you need is in there, packaged in the mixing bucket. Perfect!

There is enough casting material to make two casts (or one cast and one mistake!). As we charge £300 to do this in the studio it’s a cheap way of achieving something similar and having some fun in the process.

These are a joyous experience to do at home with your partner and they make brilliant gifts for friends, hens and couple who have it all!

Contents of kit:
1 bag of alginate moulding compound
2 bags of fine white casting stone
1 mixing cup
1 roll of plaster bandage
1 brush
2 pairs of disposable nitrile gloves
1 pot of Nivea
1 instruction sheet

Literally just add water!!

Price: £75
(Free postage to the UK mainland)

Locals can also collect from the studio during opening hours. We can’t currently take online orders as the webshop in being rebuilt so please phone or email. Payment may be made by card on the phone, cash on collection, via Paypal or BACS.

For outside the UK mainland please email us for giving your location and we’ll work out the total including postage.

NB. THIS KIT MAY BE ORDERED ONLINE at the Great Wall of Vagina web shop!!!


The following page contains casts of an adult nature!

If you are over 18 and not offended by images of male and female genitals then please…

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