Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Description: Female long bottom with hand

Material: Bronze resin
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This cast is unusual because the customer requested we leave all the skin texture on the cast, whereas normally we would smooth it off to a more conventional sculptural look. The reasons are this: 1) The casting material is cold which tends to raise up goose bumps and create an unsightly ‘chicken skin’ surface and 2) your skin is translucent so you don’t tend to see the surface details so starkly. You’re actually seeing through the skin surface to the structures below which gives the illusion of the skin being smoother than it is. We emulate that by literally smoothing down, which counterintuitively looks more real. Go figure!

We do leave the natural skin texture on areas where it matters, like on hands, feet, lips, nipples, genitals etc where a little creasing is normal. Even then we do tend to soften it, particularly where the cold has had a puckering effect like on nipples. The advantage of the cold on nipples though I don’t have to explain but everyone likes it! 🙂