Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Description: Male nude full body cutaway

Material: Translucent resin

Commission Price: £POA

(ex VAT)

Interactive sculpture commissioned by Amora “The Academy of Sex and Relationships” in London. He appeared to be solid marble but when a finger was inserted into his cutaway rectum area his prostate would glow red

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through the translucent skin and he would moan encouragingly!
The tough, translucent body shell was made using a secret process developed by us specifically for this job. The trick was to be able to cast it in two halves but have the seams completely disappear even when the light passed through them. Try that at home!
Inside was a sophisticated array of aerials, sensors, lights and other wizardly all connected to a remote computer in the base unit via a control tether which emerged from the hollow underside of the figure.

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