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Plaster Bandage Roll
Single Refill

Our professional plaster bandage rolls (often called Modroc) are a specially prepared, open weave gauze impregnated with high quality plaster of Paris. It wets out easily in cold or hot water to form a creamy paste over a strong, pliable cloth suitable for laminating directly over alginate or onto the body*, setting into a rigid slab in a few minutes. It is similar to the material used to set broken bones but this one is specially formulated for sculpture.

This is the same plaster bandage found in our casting kits and can be used to repeat those castings. One roll is sufficient to cast around 8″ square of the body such as a single breast. Literally just add water!!

* It is not advised to use this directly on the body unless you are qualified. Ensure body parts are not trapped or removal may be difficult.

NB These are professional body casting materials unsuitable for use by children.

Price: £5
(Free postage to the UK mainland)