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Title: Spiral Nude (hanging)

Material: Natural foundry bronze

Size cm: 69h x 33w x 23d
  inches: 27h x 13w x 9d

Edition: 6

Price: £13,900 (natural)
Price: £10,900 (standard)
(ex VAT)

Hanging spiral nude in bronze, influenced by Surrealists, Escher and Dali. The peal around the surface of her body reveals her inside contours as well. Her natural curves and features direct the lines of the spiral, from neck to thigh, enhanced by the natural bronze. Other, standard finishes are also available as are bespoke hanging options.

Usually the inside of a bronze casting isn’t visible and is just a rough, unfinished texture. As it is visible here the inside of each one is worked by hand to a high level of finish, making each one unique but also more costly. The darker patina inside enhances the contrast.