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Description: Various full bodies in wetsuits

Material: Resin

Commission Price: £POA

(ex VAT)

Nine full body casts in wetsuits created by us for artist Damien Hirst for his Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable show in 2017 in Venice. We had to develop a brand new technique to preserve the wetsuit texture and

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ensure all the seams lined up precisely. Despite nine models being used, I had to offer myself as a stand in as some were physically unable to complete them due to the complexity and strain of certain poses. Fortunately being a sculptor keeps me match fit!

We used a team of six rather than the usual five as it was necessary to work super fast for the safety of the models who could not regulate their body temperature in the wetsuits and were thus in danger of fainting. A nurse was present for all the castings just in case but in the end she was not needed. We know what we’re doing but model safety is  always paramount. Despite the difficulty of these pieces they were not hugely expensive as the faces and hands and feet were added later. They actually worked out cheaper than normal clothed figures which do need heads, hands and feet!

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