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Small is Beautiful

Features refer to smaller casts of your favourite features such as but not limited to your lips, nose, ears, navel, nipples etc. We haven’t included naughty bits in this category in order to spare any blushes. For those please visit the dedicated Genitals page.

Price Guide

Navel £200 £400 £1,000 £1,000 £800
Nipple £200 £400 £1,000 £1,000 £800
Lips £400 £800 £1,900 £1,900 £1,600
Nose £400 £800 £1,900 £1,900 £1,600
Ear £400 £800 £1,900 £1,900 £1,600
Knee £600 £900 £2,700 £2,700 £2,200
Single Breast £600 £900 £2,700 £2,700 £2,200
8″ square (20cm) £600 £900 £2,700 £2,700 £2,200
        plus undies £600 £900 £2,700 £2,700 £2,200

You may wish to have your features cast as a gift for a partner who loves a particular little part of you or for your own amusement. They may also be cast as part of a larger area to include more of the face but not as large as our face masks for instance. It’s entirely your call.

We can even make functional items from your features like unusual cupboard handles or coat hooks, ice cube trays, ashtrays or paperweights. It’s all bonkers really but then what’s wrong with a bit of fun? Your body is a work of art – celebrate it!

These casts can be wall hanging or free standing, on a special base or in a frame or presentation box. We can even cast many hundreds of them as we did once with a special nose as place settings for a 70th birthday party!

The full list and their relative merits are explained in the Materials Galleries.

We can also provide parts models if you have an idea for something bonkers but would prefer not to feature yourself!