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Description: Bust of film SFX figure

Material: Painted polyurethane rubber
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Believe it or not that ugly baldy man is Jamie! He was making these battlefield corpses for the film Troy when he was a special effects technician in the movie business to subsidise his fine art career. He ended up getting roped into modelling for this corpse which turned out to be great experience as Jamie is now intimately aware of what his models are experiencing during a casting.

We’ve included this one as examples of

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portrait busts because the process is the same no matter what the final outcome. The head and shoulders of a full body cast are always cast separately, re-sculpted and then added to the figure but could equally well be produced as a stand alone bust at that point. This one being bald and with eyes closed required none of the additional sculpting usually required to open the eyes and create the hairstyle. Eyes closed, bald heads which already have the desired expression require the least work and hence the cheapest full head casts.

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