Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Description: Internal vagina cast

Material: Lead crystal glass

Commission Price: £5700

(ex VAT)

These incredible casts are taken from the inside of the vagina, displaying all the mysteries within. The process to create a continuous cast from inside to outside is very challenging and is a first in the art world. After consulting with medical professionals, Jamie developed this unique process and created his own equipment to achieve the seemingly impossible. It is a very intimate process and should only be requested by those intrigued enough to accept the intrusion!

From the polished glass front face you can peer inside to the acid etched glass interior. From the reverse you can see all the anatomical details normally hidden from view:  the depression on the cervix, the location of the G-spot and entrance to the urethra.Whereas male sex organs are on show for all to the see, females’ are hidden from sight. Jamie has made the invisible visible, using beautiful lead crystal glass casts to convey that this object represents a space, rather then a solid. The vagina is a potential space, moulding itself to whatever enters, in this case, the casting material. We are curious beings by nature and this work seeks to explore that sexual curiosity – what exactly is hidden within? Like The Great Wall of Vagina these sculptures are educational, sensational and beautiful.