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Charity Projects

Donations, Events & Collaborations

We are committed to giving something back to our local and wider communities. In the past we’ve donate body casts and body casting vouchers, time and resources and been involved in numerous local and national charitable events.

Many of these charities are very personal to Jamie. For instance for the Willow Foundation he cast a couple’s hands together days before she died, which was an emotional experience for all. Since then he has supported the Willow in many ways. Another charity close to his heart is the Everyman for which Jamie made a death mask of his father.

Through donating work and time to charities, Jamie is able to raise far more than if he were to just write a cheque. This is how it works: Jamie donates a sculpture to the charity. The public bid for this work at a charity art auction. The winning bidder owns the work, sometimes for less than market value but often for more as people are happy to give something extra for a good cause, rather than to line a dealer’s pocket. The charity receives the revenue from the sale, our business receives publicity for our donation and everybody benefits. Effectively Jamie, for the cost of creating his work, has raised a much larger sum for the charity, done a good deed and benefited from positive press. It’s a genuine win, win, win for everybody and explains the popularity of charity auctions.

Please look at the charity works which we have donated in the past and consider getting involved by bidding generously at future events.

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