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Full Body Casts

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Art Nudes & Mannequins

Full bodies refer to complete or partial 3D figures in the round. Within this category we distinguish between fine art nudes and casts made as mannequins or other commercial products.

We combine lifecasting with 3d scanning as necessary for each job and our processes are suitable for bronze and marble statuary, water features, architectural features, art installations, shop fittings, exhibitions and use in the TV and film industry.

Each full body sculpture is unique and pricing is dependent on the complexity of the pose, size of the model and the final material chosen. Other factors include mounting and display considerations and the methods we think are most appropriate to your desired outcome.

Thus below are very rough starting prices for a simple standing pose of an average height and size person.

Price Guide

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Mannequin style £14,000 £21,000
Mannequin £16,000 £25,000
Art Nude £18,000 £25,000 £46,000 £30,000
Art Nude Cropped £10,000 £12,000 £23,000 £15,000
Art Clothed £22,000 £29,000 £49,000 £35,000

Full size statues are fantastic features for your home or business and suitable for indoor or outdoor display. There is no process more suited to making a perfect replica sculpture of you or your partner. You can even be cast together.

Our processes are fast and usually only require one visit to the studio. You can be sculpted naked or clothed, depending on the desired result. We will smooth any features you don’t like and can enhance any parts you do like. We can also miniaturise or enlarge your cast to make smaller pieces suitable table top display or monumental outdoor works on a grand scale. Anything is possible…

They can be cast in many different materials. Some suggestions and their relative merits are explained on the What We Do page. This is by no means exhaustive and we are always adding new options. Wood and cork are our latest things we are experimenting with. Watch this space…

Your piece can also be re-sculpted to produce any style of finish from the soft surface of white marble to the rough surface of stylised clay sculpting. Our method is much faster, cheaper and easier for the model and much more accurate than traditional sculptural techniques.

We also provide models for any casts you have in mind but would prefer not to feature in yourself.

See the Shop page to see our limited edition Full Body statues and other casts for sale.